We're dedicated to helping our American students to become the best they can be in sports and education. Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it. Accomplishing lifetime goals is the key to success in life. We want to see everyone in our program planning ahead of the game so they can be as successful as possible! - Owner/President of SSAP

SSAP was founded in 1996 as a Summer Training Program for High School Athletes. Soon SSAP expanded to a challenging cheerleading competition which is now our main event. SSAP, now SSAP Inc. can now be found in other cities such as Shreveport, Monroe, Baton Rouge, LA, Miami FL, Oklahoma and Oakland, GA. Soon there will be other locations added such as Atlanta, GA, San Diego, CA, San Antonio, TX, Missouri, and Kansas and even more cities in the future. Over the years, SSAP has become a great success with the continued help of local schools and communities.